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Are the cats vaccinated before being rehomed?
All of our cats are vet checked, up to date with flea and worm treatment, neutered and microchipped prior to being adopted. We do not stretch to vaccinations and this enables us to keep the donation fee lower however if a cat is admitted into us with active vaccinations, we will keep up with these.
Should I get my cat vaccinated after adoption?
This is not a compulsory part of our Adoption Agreement and would be your choice.
Should I get my cat insured?
Again, this is not a compulsory part of our Adoption Agreement and would be your choice. PetPlan offer our new cat owners 4 weeks free insurance if you register with them. If you decide to keep the Policy on, PetPlan will make a donation to Four Paws!
Why are some of your cats not suitable with children?
The cats that are admitted into our care come from various backgrounds and situations. For the welfare of the cat and safety of children, we cannot always allow cats to be rehomed with children.

Your Home

I live in rented accommodation, can I still adopt?
Yes you can! As long as you have permission from your landlord that you are able to have cats. We may ask for a copy of written confirmation.
Can I adopt a cat if I live in a flat?
We would advise on an indoor cat if you live in a flat unless you are on the ground floor with your own garden
I live near a main / busy road, can I still adopt?
Sadly, many cats are killed on busy roads, therefore we'd recommend adopting an indoor only cat, or cat proofing your garden


Do you have any items we are able to take with us when we adopt?
If the cat is fond of a blanket, bed or any specific toys these will always go with them when they go to their new home. 
How much do you ask as a donation for a cat?
As of 1st January 2021, we ask a minimum donation of £70 for an adult cat and £50 for a kitten under 6 months old.
How much does it cost the Rescue to care for the cats before finding them new homes?
Neutering costs, on average are £80 for a male and £100 for a female. Microchipping costs approximately £15 per cat and a standard vet check along with flea and worming treatment is approximately £40. 
A large box of cat food that would last around 3 weeks per cat costs on average, around £10- £15, as well as dry food. 
This does not take into consideration any further veterinary treatment or medication a cat may need.
Do you accept donations?
We will always gladly accept donations of cat food and cat items to our registered address. If you would like to make a cash donation, please visit the ‘Ways you can help’ page. We also have an Amazon Wishlist if you would like to send the cats in our care some toys, treats or food.


I have come across a feral cat / colony of feral cats. Are you able to help?
Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to accommodate and re-house feral cats, however we would advise getting in touch with Cat Charities that specialise in feral cats to assist such as The Cats Protection.
Can you look after my cat on a temporary basis whilst I am away from home?
We are not licensed as a boarding cattery so we cannot take in and look after your cat on a temporary basis. It would be advisable to contact boarding premises or to ask a reputable pet sitter to visit your home.
I have found a cat. What should I do?
Your local veterinary centre should be able to scan the cat for a microchip free of charge. If the cat is microchipped, they will then be able to contact their owner. However please note that some cats will wander around their neighbourhood so it is best to check with neighbours first to see if they recognise the cat.
You can also get in touch with Pets Reunited who will advertise the cat in the hope to find their owner and you can post on any local social media pages.
We'd also advise contacting your local rescue centres in case the owner has registered the cat as missing.
My cat has gone missing, what should I do?
Put up posters in your area as well as speaking to your neighbours, postman and/or milkman to keep an eye out.
Always leave food and water outside your home, some bedding and their litter box if they have one, to encourage your cat to come home. 
Shaking the Dreamie pot whilst calling them can sometimes help as well! It is a good idea to register your missing cat with Pets Reunited who will be able to advertise that your cat has gone missing, as well as helping to create posters and leaflets. 
Post on local Social Media pages and contact your local rescue centres and vets.
If your cat is microchipped, there is a much greater chance of them being returned home. 
Can I view the charity's accounts?
As a Registered Charity, our accounts are published on the Charities Commission website for public view: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/charity-commission
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